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Sigrity Training

Sigrity Software Training

Sigrity offers different types of training, ranging from the basics of our Sigrity software to onsite training for companies to advanced training for IC package applications. We also provide onsite training for companies as well as certain special training classes in different countries and regions.

Sigrity Foundation Training
Covers Sigrity products' fundamental skills and the methodologies behind our tools. Modeling techniques are explored in detail for IC packages, PCBs, and power/ground systems (Delta-I noise, SSO, decoupling capacitor optimization, etc.). Tips on numerical computation, EM field simulation, and S-parameters are also covered. Ideal for current customers who want a quick-start to use the software and potential customers who want to get the feel of the power of the tools. You are invited to bring a current project to the training session, because you will be able to model the most complex design right in class. (Course Description)

Sigrity Advanced Training  
Covers more advanced techniques for modeling and simulation and includes methods for handling designs that combine package and board data. This class is targeted for existing customer who want to maximize the benefit of the Sigrity toolset within their design flow. (Course Description)

SIGRITY XtractIM IC Package Extraction Training 
Covers both IBIS/RLCG extraction as well as advanced broadband extraction applications. (XtractIM Course Description)

Unified Package Designer - Basic
Instruction in the basic operation of Unified Package Designer with the goal of providing students the fundamentals necessary to complete a BGA style design.  The course starts with library creation and proceeds through the design process to generation of manufacturing outputs.  The course is structured in a lecture/lab style providing students maximum on-system practice.  Terminology and general design strategies are also covered.  (UPD Training Course Description)

On-Site Training
Sigrity offers onsite training for your company and your employees. Onsite training is provided at your location, cutting down on your travel costs & expenditures. Our onsite training provides the same training available at our Sigrity training centers. Contact us for more information.

Additional Information for Regular Training Classes

   Dates and Locations for Regular Training Classes
San Jose, CA:

Cadence Design Systems
2655 Seely Avenue
San Jose, CA 95134
phone: (408) 943-1234

UPCOMING:  Seminar at the Cadence SJ facility in September, 2012


Sigrity Special Training Session Information

Sigrity offers special training sessions in different countries or states, providing a temporary training facility, where you can learn the foundations of the Sigrity software. These special training sessions vary in cost and requirement.

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