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Sigrity technology webcasts cover emerging challenges and effective design approaches.  Additional material can be found on our Technical Papers page.  Customer written papers can be found at Customer Success Stories.


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12. Layout-Based Signal Integrity Metrics Checking
- Original webcast date December 8, 2011

This webcast focuses on a streamlined design flow for PCB signal integrity performance checking. This new approach is profiled which provides more comprehensive information than physical DRC checks alone that can be performed much more rapidly than time-domain simulation flows. Related Sigrity products:  SPEED2000

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11. EMI Analysis and Optimization
- Original webcast date December 1, 2011

A unique new approach is profiled in this webcast that is available to optimize EMI decaps (number, location and type). The result is a design that is optimized for EMI performance. This flow augments optimization of device specific decaps. Related Sigrity products:  OptimizePI

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10. Parallel Bus Analysis Speed Bus Design
- Original webcast date June 16, 2011

High speed DDRx designs are among the most challenging. This webcast focuses on the complex and interrelated signal integrity issues that have become mainstream concerns. The webcast includes a demonstration of Sigrity's SystemSI - Parallel Bus Analysis. Related Sigrity products:  SystemSI

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Accounting for Back-channel Communication to Maximize Serial Link Performance
- Original webcast date January 13, 2011

This webcast was held jointly with Gennum's Snowbush IP Division.  Snowbush has recently made an IBIS AMI model available that utilizes new technology from Sigrity that supports back-channel simulation.  The webcast will include a demonstration of a simulation of the Snowbush IP.  Related Sigrity products:  Channel Designer

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Integrated IC Package Layout and Electrical Assessment
- Original webcast date December 9, 2010.

There are many IC package design styles today from low cost leadframe packages to complex SiP implementations.  This webcast will discuss the package design and electrical assessment strategies.  Related Sigrity products:  UPD

File Information:  32 minutes (25 min presentation / 7 min Q&A)
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Frequency Domain Approaches for Addressing Simultaneous Switching Noise (SSN)
- Original Webcast date November 4, 2010.

Today's mainstream designs, including those utilizing DDR memory interfaces, encounter substantial risk associated with SSN.  Considering signals alone severely underestimate the potential for problems.  The webcast highlights simulation methods that accurately consider return current issues which is essential for accurate results.  Related Sigrity products:  PowerSI

File Information:  40 minutes (30 min presentation / 10 min Q&A)
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Multi-Gigabit Serial Link Analysis with Sigrity's Channel Designer
- Original Webcast date August 26, 2010.

A comprehensive approach to serial link analysis is covered.  This new method enables SI engineers to address issues early and throughout the design process.  Related Sigrity products:  Channel Designer

File Information:  50 minutes (30 min presentation / 20 min Q&A)
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IC Package Performance Assessment
- Original Webcast date August 5, 2010.

A new approach to IC package assessment pinpoints potential design weaknesses early on while fixes are easiest to make.  This offers insight beyond what is typically gleaned from IC package models alone.  Related Sigrity products:  XtractIM

File Information:  38 minutes
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Electrical / Thermal Co-Simulation
- Original Webcast date, July 15, 2010.

Breakthrough electrical / thermal co-simulation technology from Sigrity helps designers improve product reliability.  Thermal and current impacts each  magnify the other making co-simulation important to maximize results accuracy.  Related Sigrity products:  PowerDC

File Information:  35 minutes
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3.  How to Optimize Decoupling Capacitors Without a Layout
- Original Webcast date June 24, 2010.

New Sigrity technology to simplify decoupling capacitor design is covered in this webcast.  With minimal set-up, high quality power integrity decisions can be implemented by printed circuit board designers.  The approach saves time and promotes cost-effective high quality results.  Related Sigrity products:  OptimizePI.

File Information:  42 minutes
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2. A Chip / System IO Planning
- Original Webcast date, June 9, 2010.

New approaches to IO planning are the focus of presentation.  The focus is on reducing iterations, cost and complexity for activities that include IO pad ring construction, connection planning for multi-die designs, RDL routing and package feasibility.  Related Sigrity products: OrbitIO Planner.

File Information:  29 minutes
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1. System-Level Power Integrity
- Original Webcast date, November 9, 2005.

This webcast provides a basic understanding of power in integrity concepts at the system level with material developed by Dr. Howard Johnson.  Related Sigrity products: PowerSI.

File Information:  54 minutes
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  "Frequency Domain Modeling for High-Speed Systems"

July 17, 2012
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