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XtractIMTM is an integrated package extraction design environment for creating models that play a vital role in circuit and system-level power and signal integrity analysis.  XtractIM helps IC package design teams build RLC IBIS or SPICE models more than 10x faster than alternate approaches.  XtractIM offers unparalleled accuracy with full-wave analysis and an available broadband option.  Broadband optimized multi-stage models provide user verifiable accuracy.  A unique assessment capability enables rapid identification of potential package performance issues.  Single-die, multi-die and SiP designs are all supported with extraction of the full package or selected nets.  Designs can incorporate flip-chip as well as wirebond attachment.
XtractIM Data Sheet in PDF format
SPICE, circuit models, broadband frequencies

XtractIM Applications:

Developing IC package design guidelines and models for use in system-level analysis
Generating IBIS package RLGC models with coupling
Exporting SPICE RLGC single-stage models (including Pi or T circuits)
Creating broadband multi-stage optimized models
Visualizing potential package performance issues
Providing package models with CPP headers to support chip-package codesign
Handling single and multi-die designs including flip-chip and wirebond interconnect (both BGA and leadframe)
Extracting models of entire packages or selected nets
Supporting system-level SI/PI analysis by adding drivers, receivers and interconnects
Broadband SPICE extractions; SPICE, HSPICE

XtractIM Advantages:

Easy to set up and use
RLC extraction 10x faster than any alternative
Highest accuracy with included full-wave solver
Broadest support of IC package and SiP implementations
First ever package assessment visualization to rapidly pinpoint potential risks to deal with the needle-in-the-haystack issue
Flexible pin grouping options to enable the user preferred model resolution
Comprehensive extraction of entire design, including embedded passive components
Accurately reflect coupling between signal, power, and ground nets for devices with varying topologies (asymmetric Pi or T circuits)
Complete broadband solution with user-verifiable full-wave accuracy
Compact broadband models (2% S-parameter model size) with time domain circuit simulation compatibility
Broad EDA tool flow support and push-button integration with Sigrity's Unified Package Designer (UPD) for package physical design
Flexible 2D / 3D visualization, plotting and spreadsheet data management
evaulate Sigrity power and signal integrity tools Evaluation
To learn more about XtractIM or to begin an evaluation, please contact us.



Papers and Articles

  Press Release:  "Sigrity Announces XtractIM Version 3.0 for IC Package Modeling"
  Paper:  "Package Electrical Performance Assessment with XtractIM"

  Paper:  "Electrical Modeling and Model Representations for Package Interconnects and Power Delivery Networks"




Package Extraction and Rapid Assessment


Package assessment simplified

Accuracy through broadband frequencies


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