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SystemSI addresses the challenges associated with high speed designs with comprehensive chip-to-chip signal integrity analysis solutions.  SystemSI is available in two configurations.  SystemSI - Parallel Bus Analysis targets source synchronous designs.  SystemSI - Serial Link Analysis focuses on projects with SerDes channels.  SystemSI includes a block based schematic editor to make it easy to get started with very basic data.  As design work progresses, models are swapped in to reflect the detail of design structures.  SystemSI includes frequency domain, time domain and statistical analysis methods to ensure robust parallel bus and serial link interface implementations.
PowerSI SystemSI Data Sheet in PDF format
pre / post layout electrical anaylysis; power and signal integrity

SystemSI - Parallel Bus Analysis:

A targeted solution for the end-to-end analysis of source synchronous parallel interfaces such as designs with DDRx memory.  Pre-layout capabilities (including an optional via wizard) enable work to begin with models which are quickly generated and connected.  As the design is refined, more detailed models are swapped in to reflect actual hardware behavior.  Concurrent simulation accounts for the effects of dielectric and conductor losses, reflections, inter-symbol interference (ISI), crosstalk and simultaneous switching noise.  These simulations are able to fully account for impacts associated with non-ideal power delivery system characteristics.  Graphical outputs and post-processing options give designers insights that help enable rapid system improvements.
SystemSI - Parallel Bus Analysis Datasheet in PDF format
pre / post layout electrical anaylysis; power and signal integrity

SystemSI - Serial Link Analysis:

An award-winning chip-to-chip analysis solution focused on high-speed SerDes designs such as PCIe, Xaui, Infiniband, SAS, SATA, USB, etc.  Early assessments are made using basic templates.  Industry standard IBIS AMI transmitter and receiver models are fully supported to enable simulations of channel behavior for serial links with chips from multiple suppliers.  Chip model developers have access to techniques to assist in model development.  Models of multiple packages, connectors and boards can be added to reflect the entire channel.  Simulations identify crosstalk issues and show the effectiveness of chip level clock and data recovery (CDR) techniques.  Full channel simulations including millions of bits of data confirm overall bit error rates (BER) to determine if jitter and noise levels are within specified tolerances.
SystemSI - Serial Link Analysis Datasheet in PDF format
pre / post layout electrical anaylysis; power and signal integrity

SystemSI Advantages:

Precise simulations for designs at frequencies that range from DC to 10+ gigahertz
Accurate handling of non-ideal power delivery system influences on signal integrity which can be the dominant cause of reliability problems
Easy-to-use graphic editor including an novel net-based, block-wise schematic editor
Proven S-parameter handling to ensure accurate system level time domain simulations
Benefit from related Sigrity tools that support model extraction, tuning, conversion and hook-up
SPICE subcircuit-based modeling approach supporting common formats such as IBIS, HSPICE, Touchstone, BNP and MCP
Evaluate power and signal integrity tools Evaluation
To learn more about SystemSI or to begin an evaluation, please contact us.


Papers and Articles

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  Paper:  "Extending IBIS-AMI to Support Back-Channel Communications"
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Paper:  "IBIS-AMI and Statistical Analysis"


Paper:  "Effectively Managing Signal and Power Delivery at the System Level"




SystemSI Awards


  PCD&F Magazine Recognized SystemSI - Parallel Bus Analysis with a New Product Innovation Award


SystemSI - Serial Link Analysis (Channel Designer) was selected as an EDN Hot Product for 2010


The IEC selected SystemSI - Serial Link Analysis (Channel Designer) as a DesignVision Award Finalist


PCD&F Magazine Recognized SystemSI - Serial Link Analysis (Channel Designer) with a New Product Innovation Award

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