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SPEED2000TM is the first and only commercially available tool for performing transient simulation of an entire IC package and/or board design.  These simulations can incorporate IBIS and transistor-level SPICE models.  SPEED2000 combines circuit and transmission line simulations with a fast, special-purpose full wave electromagnetic field solver that computes dynamic interactions within IC package and board structures.  SPEED2000 is uniquely able to perform a broad range of SI / PI studies in a single tool.  SPEED2000 identifies package and board resonance and radiation harmonics and can be used to analyze interconnect discontinuities.  SPEED2000 is designed for use with popular chip / package / board design flows.
Speed2000 Data Sheet SPEED2000 Data Sheet in PDF format
electrical anaysis, power and ground siginal integrity

SPEED2000 Applications:

Performing time domain analysis to confirm designs meet specified targets.
Understanding complex voltage noise propagation including return path discontinuities.
Simulating simultaneous switching noise (SSN) and identifying improvement options.
Assessing various decoupling capacitor implementations.
Determining the impact of variations in stack-up, plane geometries and IO configurations.
Identifying package and board resonance and radiation harmonics.
Observing where noise is generated, how it propagates and determining wither it stays within targeted levels.
Generating effective pre-layout guidelines and understanding the impact of variances as design progresses.
electrical anaysis, power and ground siginal integrity

SPEED2000 Advantages:

First and only commercially available transient simulation environment for package and board signal and power integrity.
Single step environment for comprehensive assessments without the need for model building.
Direct time domain observation and confirmation of system performance to confirm specifications are met.
Superior accuracy enabled by advanced meshing and a combination of solvers to account for transmission line, circuit and field effects.
Fast what-if scenario support to assess targeted design improvements.
Accurate handling of complex 3D structures such as wirebonds and vias.
Flexible 2D and 3D results visualization options including waveforms and virtual walk through.
Fits well with popular IC, package, SiP and board design flows.
To learn more about SPEED2000 or to begin an evaluation, please contact us.


Papers and Articles

  Paper:  "Switching Voltage Regulator Noise Coupling Analysis for Printed Circuit Board Systems"

  Paper:  "A Novel Methodology to Handle the Layout Constraints For Designing an Optimal Power Delivery Network"

  Paper:  "CAE Flow in the Development of Digital Equipment"

  Article:  "Equivalent Radiation Source Extraction Method for System Level EMI and RFI Prediction"




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Analyzing Simultaneous Switching Noise with SPEED2000


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