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Speed2000 signal & power integrity software for IC package & PCB

OrbitIO Planner helps chip and packaging teams assess gate to board level connectivity in a single environment. This enables IO and device placement decisions to be made in a full system context. OrbitIO Planner is easily deployed in Synopsys, Cadence, and Magma IC design flows and offers support for the most popular package and board design tools. Unlike iterative and spreadsheet based approaches, OrbitIO Planner enables decisions to be made and refined with the best available data thus reducing errors, complexity, and cost.

Speed2000 Data Sheet OrbitIO Planner Data Sheet
electrical anaysis, power and ground siginal integrity

OrbitIO Planner Applications:

Planning chip-package-board designs in a unified codesign environment
Prototyping pad-ring and package for early feasibility assessment
Validating wirebond feasibility during early design planning
Planning multi-die IO for SiP, PoP, TSV, and stacked-die packages
Determining flip-chip bump pattern and route feasibility
Optimizing pad-ring layout for multiple package variants
Influencing system designs from the top-down or bottom-up
dynamic wave propagation

OrbitIO Planner Advantages:

Eliminate cost and complexity by minimizing over-design
Anticipate and avoid downstream issues with early design planning
Visualize full interconnect hierarchy from gate level to PCB in a single tool
Expedite planning by utilizing best-available or virtual design data
Easily incorporate new design content and process incremental updates
Quickly generate design abstractions in response to marketing requests
Avoid the cost and limitations of proprietary or scripted solutions

To learn more about OrbitIO Planner or to begin an evaluation, please contact us.


Papers and Articles

  Article:  "A Codesign Methodology for Efficient PoP Design"

Paper:  "A Low-Cost Task Specific Solution for IO Pad Ring and Package Net list Construction"


Paper:  "System IO Planning and Design Feasibility - Challenges and Solutions"

  Article:  "Mastering the IO Planning Puzzle"



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OribitIO Planner uses die and package data to prepare for IO optimization


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