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Broadband SPICE
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Broadband SPICE; bridging the frequency and time domains

Broadband SPICE synthesizes network parameters to SPICE equivalent circuits and provides a passive compact circuit model while maintaining accuracy for efficient transient simulations in HSPICE, or other SPICE-compatible circuit simulators, including Sigrity's own time-domain simulator SPEED2000. Broadband SPICE accepts network parameters such as the scattering, impedance, or admittance (S, Z, or Y) parameters of N-port passive networks from Touchstone files and from Sigrity's more compact Broadband Network Parameter (BNP) format. The compact black-box models created by Broadband SPICE offer excellent convergence.
Broadband SPICE Data Sheet in PDF Format
SPICE, circuit models, broadband frequencies

Broadband SPICE Applications:

Creating SPICE equivalent circuits from network parameters
Bridging frequency and time domains
Generating models for DC through broadband frequencies 
Extracting network models with multiple resonance points
Modeling a broad range of structures including IC packages, RF components, printed circuit boards (PCBs), cables, and connectors
Assessing real-world situations such as parallel traces traversing a split plane, spiral inductors, and return path discontinuities
Generating a very high order, but numerically stable model, for complex network responses
Enabling analysis of power and signal integrity issues such as what-if optimization of power delivery system performance and simultaneous switching output simulation
Broadband SPICE extractions; SPICE, HSPICE

Broadband SPICE Advantages:

Easy touch button model creation for use with HSPICE and general SPICE simulators
Simplifies use of S-parameter data
Provides models that are both accurate and compact resulting in improved SPICE simulation convergence and speed
Rigorous passivity enforcement assured by automated techniques along with interactive user review and control
Automatic determination of topology and circuit order based on network parameter curve complexity
Flexible to support flows where the target simulator may vary and where models are provided to others
Supports both Touchstone files and Sigrity's more compact Broadband Network Parameter (BNP) format
Broadband SPICE Automated PowerPoint Presentation
Broadband SPICE technology, application, and flow information and demonstration.
evaulate Sigrity power and signal integrity tools Evaluation
To learn more about Broadband SPICE or to begin an evaluation, please contact us.


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