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NEC Adopts Sigrity's Chip-Package CoDesign Solutions for Dynamic Power Analysis

CoDesign Studio and XcitePI Solutions Chosen to Identify Critical Package Effects and Prevent Costly Repairs  

SANTA CLARA, Calif., February 27, 2006 — Sigrity, Inc., today announced that NEC Corporation has adopted Sigrity's XcitePI and CoDesign Studio solutions for power and integrity analysis of NEC's next generation of supercomputer products. XcitePI performs full-chip, dynamic simulation of the complete power grid to determine the severity of on-chip power integrity issues. CoDesign Studio is the only EDA solution that simultaneously co-simulates the complete chip and entire package in an integrated design environment, identifying all distributed package effects that impact the correct operation of the chip to insure ICs work as expected when placed into actual packages. Sigrity's unique chip-package co-design analysis approach provides fast and accurate results, potentially saving millions of dollars by preventing costly respins.

According to Takeshi Nishikawa, general manager of the Computer Division at NEC Corporation, "Electrical power modeling of our very complex chip and its entire package is a very complex process, and we believe that the package effects will have a significant impact on the correct operation of the chip. Sigrity's CoDesign Studio solution with XcitePI and SPEED2000 quickly and effectively addresses our concerns in a comprehensive manner. It identifies critical chip-package interactions during power integrity analysis that we need to address in order to meet our commitment to operational excellence."

Jiayuan Fang, president of Sigrity, said, "We're pleased that NEC, like several other leading electronic companies, is using CoDesign Studio and XcitePI for fast and accurate full-system power analysis. This solution set delivers comprehensive analysis of both the chip and package effects to ensure correct design operation and to help reduce expensive design iterations."

Simultaneous Chip-Package Co-Simulation

Unlike other EDA tools, CoDesign Studio, performs simultaneous chip-package co-simulation, analyzing power integrity of the entire chip and package power delivery system to quickly achieve accurate results. It combines Sigrity's SPEED2000 solution, the industry's defacto standard for electrical analysis of packages, with the company's XcitePI solution for IC power grid analysis. CoDesign Studio takes into account the complete self and mutual parasites of the chip and all electromagnetic interactions within the package. Its' intelligent 'what-if' analysis in the chip-package co-design environment provides multiple design choices, including chip and package decoupling capacitor selection and placement, flip-chip or wirebond package selection, IC floor plan modification, and C4 bump and IC power grid reconfiguration.

About Sigrity

Sigrity, Inc., a privately held U.S. company incorporated in 1998, delivers advanced software solutions for package physical design and for analyzing power and signal integrity in chips, packages and printed circuit boards.  Sigrity’s patented electrical analysis methodologies run orders of magnitude faster than general-purpose electromagnetic tools, helping leading companies in the semiconductor, computer, graphics, communications and networking industries ensure high performance and reduce time to market.  The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., with direct sales and global distribution through worldwide representatives.  For more information about how to ensure operational designs by using Sigrity’s package physical design and power and signal integrity analysis solutions, please visit: .



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