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Cadence Acquires Sigrity
--July 2, 2012
igrity's proven signal and power integrity design, analysis and verification technologies strengthen Cadence system development flows.
Press Release
Sigrity Introduces 12.0 SpeedXP Beta
--May 23, 2012
The newest beta version of Sigrity software is now available for customer download. Version 11.1 is is the current production version. Version 12.0 is available as a preview for customers looking for the newest capabilities across the Sigrity product line. XcitePI version 5.1 is also available as a production release including the newly announced XcitePI IO Interconnect Model Extraction product offering.
Sigrity Introduces XcitePI IO Interconnect Model Extraction
--May 14, 2012
Sigrity has introduced breakthrough technology to provide accurate chip-level IO interconnect models for high speed system simulation. The models fully represent the distributed nature of power, ground and signals as well as their electromagnetic coupling effects to enable precise simulation of high-speed channels and buses. Simultaneous switching output (SSO) analysis accuracy is improved especially for designs with a large number of drivers.
Press Release
Sigrity Expands Global Sales and Support Operations to Keep Pace with Growth Worldwide
--January 30, 2012
Sigrity has opened four new offices to extend local support for high-speed analysis solutions. There are two new locations in China; a new office in Southern California; and a new office in Israel. Sigrity achieved record bookings for both Q4 2011 and for the past year overall. This marks the 15th consecutive year of growth for the company.
Press Release
Synopsys Collaborates with Sigrity to Accelerate Signal Integrity Analysis
--January 25, 2012
This Synopsys press release focuses on the collaboration between Sigrity and Synopsys on flows including technology from both companies. Sigrity signal integrity, power integrity and design stage EMI solutions have long been used in flows that include HSPICE. HSPICE version 2011.09 includes new capabilities that speed simulation and now supports Sigrity's Broadband Network Parameter Format (BNP).
Synopsys Press Release
Backgrounder - Sigrity HSPICE flows

Synopsys HSPICE SIG Event



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