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Sigrity Introduces SpeedXP 11.1 beta
--November 11, 2011
This beta release includes enhancements for Sigrity products.  Sigrity analysis users benefit from newly embedded capability that pre-screens designs for S-parameters and gives early feedback on model quality, SPEED2000 will see new easy to use signal-integrity metrics checks. New capabilities in OptimizePI provide guidance for EMI decoupling capacitor implementations. The beta release is available now for users with both Windows and Linux platforms.  (more)
Sigrity Introduces T2B for Transistor to Behavioral Model Conversion
--September 1, 2011
Sigrity's new T2B software converts transistor level models to power-aware behavioral models for accurate and efficient full bus simulation. These models dramatically improve simulation efficiency while retaining a high level of accuracy..
Press Release
T2B Product Information
Sigrity Takes High-Speed Chip-to-Chip Analysis to the Next Level with SystemSI
--June 1, 2011
Sigrity's introduction of SystemSI provides designers with a comprehensive new environment to reduce design time. SystemSI is available in two configurations. SystemSI - Serial Link Analysis builds on Sigrity's award-winning Channel Designer software for high-speed SerDes designs. SystemSI - Parallel Bus Analysis is being launched now. It considers multiple effects concurrently, including dielectric/conductor loss, reflections, crosstalk, inter-symbol interference (ISI) and simultaneous switching noise (SSN).
Press Release
SystemSI Product Information
June 16 Webcast:  SystemSI - Parallel Bus Analysis
Sigrity Partners with TSMC on Reference Flow 12.0
--June 1, 2011
TSMC's 12.0 Reference Flow includes Sigrity capabilities that support new TSMC 28nm design infrastructure with a particular focus on chip/system co-design and enabling 3D IC projects. Sigrity's XcitePI and PowerSI are new to the TSMC flow. These products join Sigrity's XtractIM, OrbitIO and OptimizePI products, which were added previously and continue to be supported in the TSMC reference flow.  (more)
Sigrity Introduces SpeedXP 11.0 beta
--April 26, 2011
This beta release includes enhancements across the Sigrity product line.  There are improvements focused on simulation throughput, new reporting options and additional automation.  Decoupling capacitor library options are available for SPEED2000 and PowerSI users who also benefit from new results viewing capabilities that link color coded charts to 3D views of the associated geometry to further simplify issue identification.  PowerDC now includes a block diagram to assist with rapid debug.  The beta release is available now for users with both Windows and Linux platforms.  (more)
Sigrity and Snowbush Present Back-Channel Information to the IBIS Committee
--February 24, 2011
The IBIS AMI modeling approach has emerged as an important standard for conveying chip transmitter and receiver behavior in a way that can be used to improve SerDes designs.  Sigrity and Snowbush have developed models that retain the standard approach while extending the capability to included back-channel communication for additional simulation accuracy.  (more)



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