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Snowbush (Gennum) Partners with Sigrity to Develop AMI Models with Back-Channel Support
--November 15, 2010
Snowbush collaborated with Sigrity to develop their first IBIS-AMI SerDes model kit, in support of their PCI Express Gen. 3 SerDes IP.  This model kit also contains the industry's first support for SerDes back-channel communication, in which the receiver communicates back to the transmitter regarding equalization settings, and optimizing serial link signal quality.  This back-channel simulation capability is supported exclusively in Sigrity's Channel Designer serial link analysis software.  Press Release
Sigrity Introduces SpeedXP 10.1 beta
--November 8, 2010
New capabilities across the Sigrity product line include enhanced material property handling and support for leadframe package analysis.  PowerSI accuracy is refined with the addition of DC along with AC results.  The release includes additional S-parameter tuning as part of Broadband SPICE.  SPEED2000 users will see new TDR / TDT simulation capability and enhanced accuracy with power-aware IBIS models.  The beta release is available to users with both Windows and Linux platforms.  (more)
TSMC Selects Sigrity as a Reference Flow 11.0 Partner
--June 29, 2010
Sigrity's XtractIM, OrbitIO, and OptimizePI were selected for the TSMC flow to streamline IC, package and system co-design.  This provides further flow support for co-design applications involving streamlined package assessment, package model extraction, chip / system IO planning, and power delivery system optimization.
Press Release

Additional Information on:  XtractIM, OrbitIO Planner and OptmizePI
Sigrity Introduces SpeedXP 10.0 production
--June 13, 2010
New capabilities across the Sigrity product line include HTML reports that make it easy to understand and share simulation results.  Additional enhancements focus on accuracy refinements, ease-of-use, and flow automation.  The release is available to users with both Windows and Linux platforms.  (more)
Sigrity Introduces Industry's First Pre-Layout System-Level Power Delivery Optimization
--May 25, 2010
OptimizePI automates decoupling capacitor planning for printed circuit boards and IC packages.  The analysis-based flow which is available with OptimizePI version 2.1 obtains near-final results that quickly address target design objectives and impedance thresholds
Press Release
Additional OptimizePI Information
Sigrity Introduces Industry's First and Only Electrical and Thermal Co-Simulation Tool
--January 28, 2010
New PowerDC thermal simulation fully considers both die heating and copper heating on IC packages and printed circuit boards.  These temperature effects are co-simulated with DC current density analysis to maximize accuracy while reducing the iterative steps associated with separate thermal and electrical simulations.
Press Release
Additional PowerDC Information
Sigrity Moves to a New Office
--January 18, 2010
Our headquarters location and training center has moved from Santa Clara to Campbell.  Our new address is 900 E. Hamilton Avenue, Suite 500, Campbell, CA 95008.  Our new phone number is (408) 688-0145.
Map and directions
  Sigrity Recognized as a DesignVision Award Finalist
--January 12, 2010
The IEC names Sigrity's Channel Designer product as one of the most beneficial contributions to the electronic design industry as a 2010 Design Vision Finalist.  Channel Designer was selected from more than 105 submissions.
Sigrity Awards

Additional Channel Designer Information


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