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Sigrity's 10.0 Release Information

June 13, 2010

The 10.0 production release is available for immediate download for Windows and Linux customers. Prominent in this release is the addition of automated flexible reporting in HTML to provide a convenient way to see, understand, and share simulation results.

DC Sign-off report available with PowerDC.

Users will see enhancements across all Sigrity products.  A summary of these capabilities is listed below.  We also now have a new product available for production release coinciding with 10.0.  PowerDC Thermal analysis is available as a separately priced option for PowerDC customers.  This new capability supports electrical / thermal co-simulation as a way to pinpoint high-risk design problems.


Following is a quick feature summary.  10.0 production software is available for electronic download at Sigrity's Customer Sign-In area (SPDNet). Primary user contacts have account user name and password information. Password retrieval is available at the site.

SpeedXP (10.0 Production Release)

Overall SpeedXP capability:

  • Materials and stack-up handling ... Additional information can be added to account for surface roughness, trapezoidal trace profiles, and dielectric fill.  Overall handling of stack-up information is streamlined in the release.
  • User-customizable HTML reports ... Simplifies results viewing and information sharing.
  • Automated detection of associated nets ... Speeds the detection of power rails to save time in power delivery studies.
  • TCL scripting enhancements ... Makes scripts easier to use by adding pull-down options to the net manager window.

SPEED2000 capability:

  • HTML simulation report ... User-selectable views support quick observation of peak value / time, curves of interest, waveforms, and eye diagrams.  The information is dynamic and supports zooming.
  • Power-aware IBIS models ... Increases efficiency and is useful for SSO simulations.  Sigrity is the first EDA company to offer a commercial tool that supports IBIS power-aware models.

PowerSI capability:

  • HTML simulation report ... Easy to see selected ports and curves of interest.  Default set up can be customized.
  • Faster display in spatial and resonance modes ... Improvements in processing for the display of complex spatial mode and resonance mode field plots.
  • BNP free viewer support extended to Linux and 64-bit ... Sigrity's broadband network parameter viewer provides PowerSI style post processing.

PowerDC capability:

  • Electrical / thermal co-simulation ... A new option is available for PowerDC that can assess the combined impact of current density, component, and joule heating.  This provides a fast way to pinpoint reliability risks.  (Available as a separately priced upgrade.)
  • Power loss identification ... Simplifies understanding of power loss for individual layers or the entire design.
  • Utilizing unequal current values ... Supports spreadsheet import of current arrays.  Current arrays can be managed inside PowerDC with an automatically calculated grid that can be flexibly adjusted to handle unequal current levels.
  • DC sign-off report / HTML simulation report ... A focused report on DC sign-off makes it easy confirm targeted thresholds are met for the entire design and on each layer.  Other HTML reports can be readily created and customized.

Channel Designer capability:

  • Block sensitivity analysis ... Automated sweeps determine the impact block-level shorts have on the entire channel.  Normalized Jitter Noise (NJN) is shown in graphical form.
  • IBM HSCDR support ... Enables simulations on channels that incorporate IBM SERDES models as well as models from other suppliers.  User selectable model parameters are supported.
  • Transmission line editor ... Pre-layout support for creating frequency-dependent, coupled TLine models.  Users can build W-element models.  Models can be given parameters or left open for Channel Designer's Sweep Manager.

OptimizePI (2.1 Production)

Improvements to OptimizePI in the most recent production release:

  • Optimizing decoupling capacitors without a layout ... Using the best available information along with the objective for the design, sophisticated results can be very rapidly obtained.  This gives nearly final results at the earliest possible time.
  • Simulation performance improvements ... Time needed to characterize the power delivery network has been reduced in ways that are beneficial in post-layout analysis flows.
  • BOM Tuning ... Additional features have been added to enable more optimization on objectives targeting bill-of-materials improvements.

XtractIM (4.0 Production)

Improvements to XtractIM in the most recent production release:

  • Total per pin inductance ... Support for a quick total loading analysis and full net extraction.  Return current flow through all pins and nets is observed based on the current pumped into a single pin on any net.
  • New reporting options ... Simplified way to display multi die branch parasitics.  A new crosstalk report is also available with user adjustable parasitics.
  • DXF important (targeting leadframe designs) ... Enables basic graphical data to be brought into Sigrity's environment for analysis.  Includes some built in assumptions.

XcitePI (4.3 Production)

Improvements to XcitePI in the most recent production release:

  • Through Silicon Via (TSV) chip model extraction support ... Comprehensive approach that provides pin based circuit models with L and C matrices to handle mutual coupling.
  • Simplified User Interface ... The XcitePI user interface takes on the check-list style flow approach of other Sigrity tools.  It is also easier to generate the power grid and circuit from scratch.  Additional support for what-if analysis changes is also included.

Unified Package Designer (9.1 Production)

Improvements to UPD in the newest production release:

  • Leadframe design enhancements ... A new DXF synthesis wizard enables creation of an intelligent UPD package layout database.  Automatic leadframe metal creation features simplify rapid design.
  • Wirebond design refinements ... The ends of wirebonds can be moved independent of the pad.  Automatic adjustments can be made to wires that are moved from one bond finger to another.  It is easier to add bonding between multiple area fills.

Orbit IO (9.0 Production)

Improvements to OrbitIO in the newest production release:

  • RDL routing ... Quickly produce DRC clean results that can be exported to IC P&R tools.  Enables fast validation of routability and the quality of IO and bump pad placement.
  • New IOview function ... Provides highly automated and rule-driven IO pad ring construction.




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