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Sigrity Opens Four More Offices
--  Printed Circuit Design & Fab, January 30, 2012
Sigrity extends local support capability for existing and future customers with two new locations in China, a new office in Israel, and a Southern California support location. This coincides with the company's 15th consecutive year of growth. (Web Link ...)
Synopsys Collaborates with Sigrity to Accelerate Signal Integrity Analysis
--  EETimes, January 25, 2012
Design flows focused on SI/PI analysis often rely on Sigrity EM field solvers to generate system level interconnect models. These models along with semiconductor models (transistor level models or iBIS models) are used in a number of SI/PI flows that can incorporate HSPICE as an engine. (Web Link ...)
Sigrity Partners with TSMC on Referenced Flow 12.0
--  SOCcentral, June 2, 2011
John Miklosz describes TSMC reference flow and the five Sigrity tools that are part of TSMC reference flows. The focus in TSMC reference flow 12.0 is to enable 3D IC projects by enabling practical co-design options.   (Web Link ...)
End-to-End Signal Analysis
--  Electronic Design Journal, June 2, 2011
This article by Bryon Moyer describes I/O analysis and compares traditional  simulation approaches with new techniques such as SystemSI -  Parallel Bus Analysis that consider multiple effects at the same time.   (Web Link ...)
Sigrity Rolls Out SystemSI Signal Integrity Analysis
--  Printed Circuit Design & Fab, June 1, 2011
This article Chelsey Drysdale covers the introduction of SystemSI with a focus on parallel bus analysis.   (Web Link ...)
Treat ICs, Packages and PCBs as System Designs
--  Electronic Design, March 16, 2011
It can be challenging to design reliable hardware systems.  This article by David Maliniak covers complex and related issues including power and signal integrity, electrical and thermal effects, chip / package / pcb connectivity, etc.  Sigrity's open Model Connection Protocol is discussed.   (Web Link ...)


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