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Sigrity Introduces Industry's First Pre-Layout System-Level Power Delivery Optimization
--  Product Design & Development, May 25, 2010
OptimizePI offers an analysis based flow suitable for pre- and post-layout applications ensure PCB and package designs meet target impedance thresholds.  Decoupling capacitor selections are automated before layouts are complete with results that are near-final in quality. (Web Link ...)
Swimming in the Channel
--  EDN, March 18, 2010
The growing use of high-speed serial links requires advanced signal integrity solutions to address multi-gigabit operating speeds.  This article profiles work being done by an number of EDA companies including Sigrity.  Essential technology in this area includes open and accurate models and precision simulation. (Web Link ...)   (PDF ...)
A Codesign Methodology for Efficient PoP Design
--  Wafer & Device Packaging and Interconnect, January / February, 2010
As use of package-on-Pagkage design grows at a 40% CAGR, strategies are needed to efficiently plan I/O at the die level and between the stacked die and packages.  An automated approach to this application is discussed in the article. (Web Link ...)   (PDF ...)
Sigrity Launches Thermal/Electrical Co-Simulation Environment
--  SCD Source, January 28, 2010
Productivity offered by co-simulation enables designers to analyze and co-optimize thermal and electrical characteristics much earlier in the design flow, where problems are easier and less costly to fix.  The new tool operates at the board and package level, using chip design data and 3D temperature data to maximize accuracy.
Industry's first and only electrical and thermal co-simulation tool
--  TechBites, January 28, 2010
Clive Maxfield comments on Sigrity's new PowerDC thermal / electrical co-simulation capability. (Web Link ...)
IEC Announces 2010 DesignVision Awards Finalists
--  Chip Design Magazine, January 11, 2010
The IEC commends Sigrity's Channel Designer product as one the most valuable contributions to electronic design with the announcement of the 2010 DesignVision Awards finalists.  Channel Designer was selected from more than 100 entries. (Web Link ...)


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