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Power Integrity:  Controlling the Noise
--  Printed Circuit Design & Fab, September, 2009
Effective power delivery system design is essential in assuring adequate current is delivered to all devices.  Overall power and current requirements are creeping upward at the same time voltage levels are dropping.  The article covers pre and post layout analysis strategies to manage noise and describes the coupling between structures that can lead to problems if not accurately considered.  (Web Link ...)
Sigrity Launches Beyond Model Extraction Package Analysis Tool
--  SCD Source, July 23, 2009
A chip package's electrical characteristics play a critical role in the device's board-level performance. With increasing speeds, lower supply voltages, and the use of smaller process geometries, accurate modeling and analysis of package characteristics is becoming increasingly complex. Sigrity claims to have taken major strides in addressing this problem with its XtractIM 3.0 product. (Web Link ...)
Inside the Winner's Circle
--  Printed Circuit Design & Fab, May 2009
Interviews with NPI Award winners discussing the investment that goes into taking a new product from concept to production.  Sigrity was honored to receive an award for our new Channel Designer product. (Web Link ...)
Codesign Enables Rapid Development and High Performance
--  Solid State Technology, April 2009
Codesign flows yield time to market savings through collaborative feedback and managing physical and electrical constraints across the chip/package/board design. The approach serves to greatly reduce the risk of design failure while at the same time enabling lower cost implementation options. (Web Link ...)
The DC Design Squeeze
--  Printed Circuit Design & Fab, February 2009
Effective DC simulation has emerged as a critical step in PCB and package design flows to enable designers to meet tight voltage margins and reduce the risk of field failure. The need for simulation accuracy is discussed along with new automation options that can pinpoint the best VRM sense location. This one capability can improve margin utilization by 10 - 20%. Some design teams have used highly accurate DC simulations to identify changes that enable reduced layer counts for space constrained designs. (Web Link ...)
Teklatech's FloorDirector Tool Compatible with Sigrity's XcitePI Power Integrity Simulation Flow
--  EDACafé, February 24, 2009
Design teams interested in assessing dynamic IR drop for complex nanometer designs benefit for new integration between Sigrity's XcitePI and Teklatech's FloorDirector. (Web Link ...)
Sigrity DesignCon Interview
--  Graham Bell, EDA Café, February 4, 2009
Sigrity introduces a new product for chip to chip communications. The trend toward thinking of power and signal integrity as inseparable has also emerged this year as a key consideration for design teams. (Video Link ...)
Sigrity DesignCon Interview
--  RealTime with PC Design 007, Andy Shaughnessy, February 3, 2009
Systems houses, chip companies and EDA providers have worked together to develop a standard for modeling transmitter and receiver behavior for high speed serial link designs. The result is the IBIS AMI standard. Sigrity's new product Channel Designer utilizes this standard and provides mechanisms to efficiently look at the potential for error propagation in high speed channels as designs progress. (Video Link ...)
Sigrity Accelerates High-Speed Serial Link Design
--  CommsDesign, January 20, 2009
Analysis of designs with high-speed serial links operating at today's multi-gigabit speeds demands much more than traditional analysis can deliver. Sigritys advanced analysis solution offers the precision necessary to accurately predict bit error rate and ensure reliable operation across the full spectrum. (Web Link ...)
Sigrity Unveils High-Speed Serial Link Channel Designer Solution
--  Programmable Logic DesignLine, January 20, 2009
Advanced capabilities in Sigrity's Channel Designer solution accelerate design of high-speed serial links. The folks at Sigrity - specialists in signal and power integrity solutions for ICs, packages, and printed circuit boards - have announced Channel Designer, an advanced analysis solution. (Web Link ...)
Sigrity Unveils Channel Designer Solution
--  PCB007, January 20, 2009
Channel Designer is an advanced analysis solution that offers the flexibility and accuracy required for high speed serial links, which have emerged as the communications backbone for modern design. (Web Link ...)


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