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Sigrity SpeedXP 8.1 Release Available for Windows and Linux.
--December 16, 2008
Advanced capabilities to efficiently address challenges associated with complex package and board designs. SpeedXP customers will benefit from the ability to efficiently reuse simulation set-up information and PowerDC users now have access to a one-step option for sense location optimization. (more)

Sigrity introduces SpeedXP 8.1 beta and updates for all products.
--November 6, 2008
Capabilities include new features to handle increasingly complex designs. (more)

Sigrity Introduces OptimizePI Version 1.2 Beta.
--September 19, 2008
Capabilities now include simplified single-click optimization targeting. Decap value tolerance support is provided and loop inductance can be viewed at every component location. Users can now also define a impedance constraint for a targeted frequency as part of the optimization. (more)

Sigrity SpeedXP 8.0 Release Available for Windows and Linux.
--July 21, 2008
New Broadband Network Parameter (BNP) viewer now available from Sigrity. Additional new features include workflow customization and automation options. (more)

Sigrity introduces SpeedXP 8.0 beta and updates for all products
--June 5, 2008
Capabilities include user customizable workflows and additional automation to streamline design. (more)

XtractIM supports leadframe extraction
--March 10, 2008
Version 1.3 is available.  (more about XtractIM)

OptimizePI adds time domain verification and enhances decap library management
--February 26, 2008
Version 1.1 available.  (more about OptimizePI)

Sigrity introduces SpeedXP 7.2 and updates for all products
--January 3, 2008
Capabilities include 3D GUI enhancements, faster throughput, Apache CPP / CPM format support a no-charge viewer for package designs created with Unified Package designer (UPD). (viewer download information)


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