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"System-Level Power Integrity" - Free Online Seminar Hosted by Sigrity, Inc. with Dr. Howard Johnson
-- Nov. 9, 2005
PCB and IC Package Design Engineers, Signal Integrity Engineers, Engineering Managers:

The webcast of Dr. Johnson's seminar is available online. You can still learn about System-Level Power Integrity if the you missed the online seminar presentation.

Understanding power integrity issues at the system level is critical for properly designing reliable, high-performance digital systems. Power system noise, PCB and package resonances, and SSO noise can adversely affect the performance of your digital designs.

Sigrity, Inc., in conjunction with Dr. Howard Johnson of Signal Consulting, Inc., is presenting a one-hour online seminar on Nov. 9, "System-Level Power Integrity," that will help you understand and mitigate issues that impact the design of your power distribution systems. New tools and techniques to help you analyze the performance of your power distribution systems will be highlighted. A live interactive Q&A session with Dr. Johnson immediately follows the presentation.

What you will learn:
- The effects of inductance and capacitance in today's high-speed electronic systems
- Demystifying the "myth" of ground bounce
- The positive effects of plane capacitance and bypass capacitance on high-speed digital design
- How to control plane resonances in PCBs and IC packages

View the Webcast
Click on Library of Archived Programs. Purchase the DVD.

-- Oct 25-26, 2005, Austin, TX
The premier technical meeting on electrical considerations in packaging.
DesignCon Europe
-- Oct 25-26, 2005, Munich, Germany
Euro DesignCon is the premier annual event for practicing engineers in the electronic-design and semiconductor communities. Modeled after its sister conference—the successful DesignCon conference and exhibition, held each year in Silicon Valley—Euro DesignCon is a comprehensive four-day event addressing the challenges faced by European engineers today.
Join us at Booth #104!
DesignCon Europe 2005
DesignCon East
-- September 20-21, 2005, Worcester, MA
DesignCon East is a three-day conference and technology exhibition for the semiconductor and electronic design engineering communities that takes place annually in the Eastern region of the United States. DesignCon East addresses the industry's most critical business and technical issues.
Join Sigrity at Booth#307 for this three-day event.
DesignCon East 2005
MAPLD International Confereance
-- September 7-8, 2005, Washington, DC
The 8th annual MAPLD International Conference will present papers on programmable logic devices and technologies, digital engineering, and related fields, for military and aerospace applications.
MAPLD 2005
-- August 8-12, 2005, Chicago, IL
The technical program, the centerpiece of the symposium, is rich with papers covering areas of EMC design, mitigation, and metrology. Come to Chicago and join us at Booth #212.
EMC 2005
Design Automation Conference (DAC)
-- June 13-17, 2005, Anaheim, CA
DAC is the premier Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and silicon solution event. Join us in Booth #1441

You can also sign-up for demo sessions of the Sigrity suite of tools!

DAC 42
Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC)
-- May 31 - June 3, 2005, Lake Buena Vista, FLA
ECTC is an international packaging, components, and microelectronic systems technology conference being held in Florida. Join us at Booth #612, June 1-2, 2005.
-- March 8-9, 2005, Santa Clara, CA
The PCB Design Conferences are developed specifically to meet the needs of PCB engineering, design, and manufacture professionals. Visit us at Booth #516.
PCB West
DATE 2005 - Design, Automation, and Test
-- March 7-11, 2005, Munich Germany
The ONLY European event for electronic system design and testing. Come join us in Munich for this educational event at Booth #C5200!
DATE 2005
-- January 31 - February 3, 2005, Santa Clara, California
DesignCon is the premier educational conference and technology exhibition exclusively for practicing engineers in the semiconductor and electronic design communities. Come visit us at Booth #511!


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